Investment Opportunities

While our software product line is large and stable, in the future we would like to extend our products in to the retail market and possibly international market. We would also like to eventually put on the New York Stock Exchange and corresponding have a board of directors with stock shares.

Anyone investing in such efforts would most definitely have a substantial percentage of profits. Representatives for our software currently receive 50% profit on any software that they sell. Investing in taking this company to the next level of exposure to the retail and international communities could greatly surpass the current sales levels.

Packaging and distribution of packages to retail store nation wide would be a large undertaking as would rewriting different versions of the software to use different languages.

Communication and coordination between different offices in different locations will be an important part of the company’s development. Quarterly sales meetings will be held to disclose sales, expenses and profits. Software technologies that are available for our company management.

A+ Accounting9 is to be the in house client server accounting package. SharePoint servers will be in place for anyone wish to coordinate online with each other on various projects.

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Word do integrate well with SharePoint Server. Our Online Sales Orders and Distribution software is already online and does currently integrate with A+ Accounting.

Our Online Work Order software is already online and does currently integrate with A+ Accounting.